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3 September 2006
Watch the 9/11 item with Daan de Wit on Dutch national television - With English subtitles
'Shocking different view on 9/11'
Watch or download [150 Mb] the 9/11 item with Daan de Wit from DeepJournal and DaanSpeak that was shown last Friday on the current affairs program TweeVandaag, part of the Dutch national television. Commenting on footage from the 9/11-documentary Loose Change [available on DVD in the Netherlands] De Wit raised some of the most disturbing questions regarding the events of 9/11.
It is a fair and balanced news item introducing the viewer to the 'shocking different view on 9/11', as TweeVandaag called it, also featuring Pieter Broertjes, the editor in chief of the Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant, who expresses his disbelief regarding theories other than the official explanation and who considers the subject of 9/11 not worth researching and mediaprofessor Jaap van Ginneken who does not think digging for the truth will ultimately bring out the truth.
An important question in the tv report was why the media ignored 9/11. Read the DeepJournal article headlining that same question.
[De Wit also appeared in the Dutch talkshow Pauw & Witteman].

The TweeVandaag item on 9/11 with English subtitles:

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