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3 December 2006
David Lynch asks disturbing questions about 9/11
Watch the video
Director David Lynch asks disturbing questions on Dutch national television about what happend on 9/11. Watch the video:
Lynch, who today was the central guest on Wereldgasten (World Guests), Nederland 3, 20.20 hrs, showed a clip from the 9/11 documentary Loose Change that talked about the flight recorders of the planes hitting the WTC which were not found (according to the official commission report) but were discovered, three out of four, by a fireman leading FBI agents through the rubble (according to the testimony of the fireman). After showing the clip Lynch summed up the most poignant question surrounding 9/11. One of his most disturbing questions was the matter of the missing footage of the crash into the Pentagon, which was taken away by the FBI. On the question asked by the interviewer whether the U.S. government might have been involved in the attacks on September 11th, he answered that that was too big to think about.
The documentary Loose Change, 2nd Edition is available on DVD in the Netherlands with Dutch subtitles and a 20 minute introduction from and interviews by Daan de Wit from DeepJournal. Watch De Wit being interviewed on Dutch tv about 9/11 and the question why the main stream media for so long have not picked up on it.

In the interview Lynch stated: 
[...] Things [...] that bother me, is the hole in the Pentagon being too small for a plane, the lawn isn't messed up, and the government's not showing the plane hitting when many cameras photographed it.
At the World Trade Center, three buildings came down, like demolitions, and two of them were hit by a plane, but the third one they said: 'Do you want us to pull it?' and they pulled it and it looked just like the other two. Those things bother me.

In Pennsylvania, the plane that went down, there was just a hole in the ground, there wasn't any wreckage, there wasn't any skid marks, there wasn't any tear in the earth, and no one has ever really found out about that. So every place there's questions, coming from this documentary. You don't have to believe everything in the documentary to still have questions come up. And you look back and you remember what you saw and what you were told, and now, you have questions. It's just an event that has many questions and no answers.'

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