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1 June 2004
War is peace

By Daan de Wit for ID&T-magazine, June 2004.
The artice has been translated into English by Idde Lijnse.

When consternation arose about the war in Iraq and how it was forced upon us by the BushBlairBalkenende government, some pointed at the Vietnam war. The story goes, that back then this war was forced upon the American people. How was this achieved? Just like today, America was interested in waging war; back then their enemy was North Vietnam, because of the communist threat. Unfortunately, the North Vietnamese did not want a conflict. So it was decided to provoke those perilous communists. The secret Plan 34A was developed and the equally secret 303-committee surveyed and informed the president.

American government wants a war against Vietnam
Plan 34A was an operation by the CIA and consisted of agitating and provoking the North Vietnamese army by means of bombings and sabotage. The goal was to provoke reactions as a reason for declaring war on North Vietnam.
After a first North Vietnamese counterattack with no casualties on American side, president Johnson decides to undertake no further action, except for sending a formal protest to Hanoi stating that 'every next unprovoked attack against the American military forces would inevitably have severe consequences'. Not much later hopeful messages reach the US. One of the ships has had to defend tooth and nail against an aggressive communist attack in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, it becomes clear soon that the fight at sea was one big misunderstanding. The entire panic is probably the result of an American crewmember on a ship running wild because of mixing up it's own propeller sound with that of an enemy's torpedo. Subsequently, a lot of shooting took place in the dark night but nobody was hit, simply because there was no enemy. High ranking American soldiers on site say that nobody got hurt and that thorough research into the incident is needed, but the American government won't hear of that.
Secretary of Defense McNamara says to Congress that 'indisputable evidence' exists regarding a second 'unprovoked attack' on American ships, after which parliament gives it's approval to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, a blank cheque for the government to declare war on North Vietnam. The US begins the Vietnam war on the basis of a provoked attack that did not take place. Millions of deaths will be the result, but the main thing is that the dark plan of president Johnson has worked. An important extra advantage is that he wins the elections. Johnson had presented himself to the public as a peace dove and stood up to the warmongering senator Barry Goldwater. The voters thought the wounded peace dove Johnson to be so sympathetic that they voted en masse for him; never before had a president won the elections so convincingly.

American government wants a war against Germany
If you find this a tall story, then what to think of the story that even World War II has been forced upon us? Before America joined WWII hardy anybody in the US wanted to get involved in that war. Well, that is to say, one quarter was not against American involvement and part of that quarter was in favour of a war. One of them was Secretary of War Stimson. He had been brainstorming for a while about how to avoid the wish of the nation that had elected him. On November 25, 1941 he writes in his diary: 'The question was how we should maneuver them [Japan] into the position of firing the first shot'. Such a first shot would be the perfect trigger.

Skull & Bones
Only few people know that Stimson was a member of a obscure secret society called Skull & Bones. It was established in 1832 and annually only 15 persons are allowed to become a member. The society internally sends out invitations with a black frame, like a death notice; the building of the society has no windows and is called the Tombe by it's members. In the Tombe lie skulls of real people, among them a skull of the most famous indian ever: Geronimo. That skull has been stolen from Geronimo's grave by a Bonesman, the grandfather of the current president of America, George W. Bush, who by the way himself is a member too. Just like the future president of America, because whether the Republican Bush or Democrat Kerry wins, they are both members, although actually it is only a small society. Small, but crowded with important members. So in the 1940's that grandfather of W. Bush was part of those Americans that wanted to get involved in World War II. But an even more astounding fact is that he was already involved at that moment.

It goes like this. Together with another fourteen members of that secret society grandfather Bush worked for a bank that was owned by one of the members, one Averell Harriman. Harriman was a presidential advisor, while grandfather Bush later became a golf mate of the president at the time; in short, they were in good company. In 1924 Harriman visited a very wealthy industrialist in poverty-stricken Germany. They came to the agreement that the industrialist would funnel money to Hitler. A bank in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) would be used as an intermediate station. Some people even claim that the profit was not the only major objective of the Bonesmen, it was also about the fulfilment of a much larger plan, namely that the conflict between Germany and Russia would create a new situation: by means of the United Nations towards a New World Order. But that is yet another story. Let's keep on track; in 1941, years after that meeting in Germany in 1924, War Minister and Skull & Bones member Stimson worried about how America could get involved in WWII. The solution was found in a very sinister plan.

Stimson was not the only one in the American government who wanted war with Germany. President Roosevelt thought along with him. And also lieutenant Arthur McCollum, who developed a top secret eight-step action plan. The most important part of this plan was 'Action F', making sure that the Pacific fleet would be situated in the vulnerable Hawaiian Pearl Harbor, instead of the Westcoast of the US. On October 8, 1940, a day after having received the plan, Roosevelt approved it and informed the commander of the American fleet about it, admiral James Richardson. The latter refused to co-operate and was fired as a result, after which Roosevelt passed the job on to admiral Husband Kimmel, unknown until then, and promoted him four-star Admiral.
Meanwhile, the Americans knew exactly the intentions of the Japanese because they had cracked their codes. Japan planned an attack on the American ships that were in the meantime situated at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. As soon as the Japanese had taken off for their attack, all trading vessels on the way between Japan and Pearl Harbor were diverted by order of the American Navy, to prevent them from crossing the Japanese and thus clearing their way. Because the Navy fleet could hardly be more vulnerable in the middle of the huge Pacific Ocean, Roosevelt took measures. He made sure that the newest battleships left Pearl Harbor to a safe haven, so that only a couple of written-off ships from World War I remained. Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941; almost 2400 people died as a result. A shaken President Roosevelt spoke to the nation in a now famous speech, and the rest is history.

American government wants a war against 'terrorism'.
>> Fast forward to the year 2000. The children's children from the build-up period towards WWII are full-grown and have organised themselves in all kinds of neo-conservative clubs that are now in charge, thanks to the BushBlairBalkenende administration (Balkenende is the prime minister of The Netherlands). In 1998, one of the things they write is that they want to get rid of Saddam Hussein. They write that this will possibly take a long time, unless a new Pearl Harbor would come about. The deaf ears of Clinton did not listen in 2000, but that same year the neo-conservatives steal the elections in favour of George W. Bush. And within a year after Bush's inauguration the writers of the report are part of the new government and this second Pearl Harbor does happen: September 11 2001.

Afterwards it appeared that Democrat Al Gore had received more votes than Bush, but by that time all dirty tricks had been successfully used by the Republicans to stop the vote counting. And Bush was already president, as a result of the incorrect verdicts by five Chief Justices. The plan had succeeded, the upper layer of the American government consisted of three oil people (W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice are all related to oil companies, an oil tanker has even been named after Rice). Within a short time, two enormous oil areas were attacked: the Caspian area of Afghanistan and Iraq, the biggest oil area in the world after Saudi Arabia. Moreover, these two areas are of the utmost strategical importance to the US (and Israel).

Second Pearl Harbor
But how did that second Pearl Harbor come about? Was it just luck? Did the American government really know nothing about it? That is what they told us at first. That they knew nothing. Not even about the possibility that planes could be used as bombs. They had probably never heard of the kamikaze pilots in WWII, right? Some other important thing to know in this respect is that only a few countries in the world have been as aggressive as the US. The list of wars that they have started is quite long. Also, only few countries have displayed such an amount of aggression, murder and manslaughter like the US. The aggression already started with the murdering of the indians and in the meantime everything that moves scares the Americans so much that they have installed a mega defense system making up the biggest part of their budget. That system of bombs, grenades, spies and eavesdropping does such a good job that the U.S. has become an impregnable fortress. Well, except for a couple of bearded men wearing robes in the dusty mountains of Afghanistan.

Among others, Egypt, Russia, Germany, Israel and Richard Clarke, terrorism expert under Bush, have warned the Bush administration prior to the impacts. Thereupon, Bush did nothing, just like before the impacts. When Bin Laden was already on the black list of the US, America did not reply to the offer by Sudan to arrest Bin Laden there. That same year Bin Laden went to visit the British secret service which kindly waved him good bye at the end. Also, the CIA made a visit to him when he stayed for ten days in an American hospital in Dubai, being treated for his kidney. Bin Laden still knows the CIA from some years before, when he was trained and financed by them during the battle against the Russians in Afghanistan. In those days his comrades even received visas from the CIA to be able to be trained as terrorists in the US; of course they were then called freedom fighters. That same CIA visa trick was applied to some of the 9/11 hijackers.

September 11
When the day of September 11 had arrived, it became even more weird. On the day itself large military exercises were held under the flag of Vigilant Guardian. Held that day because of it's symbolic meaning (ninth month, eleventh day), which is also the national emergency number in the US. On September 11 it was simulated that the American air defense system was under fire. But: 'All of a sudden we were no kidding under fire', says lieutenant colonel Deskins. 'The first thing that crossed my mind was: 'Is this part of the exercise?', says major general Larry Arnold. In short, on September 11 there was a big confusion among the military staff that were involved. America was under fire, but not from Bin Laden, from the White House.

On the contrary, Bush seemed alright. On September 11 he is listening to a story about a little goat. He attends a reading course at a school in Florida. During the course Bush is told that a second plane crashed into the WTC. He then knows that this is an attack. Instead of facing up to the biggest attack ever on American soil as head of the armed forces, the president remains seated and does nothing during three quarters of an hour. In the meantime, all kinds of other peculiarities have taken place. Whereas in the past planes that had slightly gotten off course were immediately chased by jet fighters, this day all jet fighters are absent. Strange. Another couple of questions like that are: Why did the Pakistani general Ahmad visit the CIA and FBI one week before the attacks, while he had remitted $100,000 to the leading hijacker Mohammed Atta just a few months before the attacks? And to whom belonged the profit of millions of dollars (which have never been collected) following conspicuous speculations on the two airplane companies that were involved in 9/11 so tragically?
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