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19 September 2006  |     mail this article   |     print   |  
Power-downs in WTC prior to attack
Watch the video
There were power-downs in the WTC following the completion of a several years long project led by the brother and the nephew of George W. Bush to remodel the security system of the towers.

Professor David Ray Griffin writes about this in his bookThe New Pearl Harbor and says in an interview: '[...] this company Securacom, that was in charge of security for the World Trade Center, one of its principals in the preceding years, when the new security system was put in, was Marvin Bush, the president's brother. And then Wirt Walker III, perhaps even more important, was the CEO, and his tenure existed up through 9/11. So there's no mystery how people could have gotten access.
Furthermore, we have reports from people in the World Trade Center, that in the days and weeks preceding 9/11, certain parts of the building were closed off, during which irt was said repairs were being made, and engineers going in and out, and the power was down so all security cams were off, and so forth. So this is not a mystery how this could have been done.'

Read more about Stratesec, formerly known as Securacom, in this Dutch article by DaanSpeak from september 11th 2004. There it is said that Stratesec also provided security for two other companies that had a vital role that day: Dulles airport (flight 77) and United Airlines (flights 93 and 175).


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