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In 1995 Daan de Wit graduated from the School of Journalism after which he started a career as a television journalist, focussing on the making of the documentary Skull & Bones for Dutch television. That documentary was censored upon release; a re-edit had to be made wich was broadcast.
In september 2006 De Wit was interviewed by the Dutch current affairs program TweeVandaag on why the media ignored the disturbing questions of 9/11. Watch the video, read the article. He was also interviewed on the subject of 9/11 in the talkshow Pauw & Witteman. Watch the video (not subtitled). He is the programmer and interviewer for Docs at the Docks, a monthly series of evenings with critical journalistic documentaries, interviews and performing arts.
In September 2008 De Wit published a journalistic book on the developing situation surrounding Irans nuclear program. The book, written in Dutch, is called The Next War - The Attack on Iran - A Preview. It is based on his series for DeepJournal and contains over 1500 footnotes.
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12 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 4
When you peek below the surface, it becomes clear that Syria is under attack due to the interests of the parties involved. ‘Syria’ is about power, money, influence and energy.
10 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - 3
8 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 2
In the event of major military conflicts that risk considerable humanitarian and economic consequences, it is useful to examine the interests of all parties involved as well as the role that the media plays in reporting the events.
7 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 1
On the surface it’s straightforward: the U.S. wants to liberate Syria from a brutal dictator who is attacking his own people with poison gas. But beneath the surface there is something very different going on.
28 August 2012
Daan de Wit (DeepJournal) interviewt Webster Tarpley op het Magneetfestival
Het Magneetfestival gaat de diepte in met vier interviews. Daan de Wit interviewt Webster Tarpley, Albert Spits, en Mike Donkers.
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