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10 January 2008
Votefraud Obama and Paul in New Hampshire? - It would only be history repeating
The world is puzzled by the sudden surge of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. For Barack Obama a seven point victory was predicted, yet he lost by three. How could the polls be so wrong? One important thing I learned from writing my 16 part series on (electronic) voting is that polling is a near science and that when the 'real' numbers, i.e. the voting results, all of a sudden differ widely from these polls there is a big chance there is a dead rat nearby. It seems to happen every time when voting results tend to go in a direction that deviates too far off the status quo.
1 November 2006  |  
Moratorium stemcomputers, zegt Rop Gonggrijp in interview met DeepJounal
Bekijk het interview
This video interview with Rop Gonggrijp, the man behind the Dutch action group WijVertrouwenStemcomputersNiet.nl (translated: WeDon'tTrustVotingComputers) was conducted in English. There is no translation of the video available.
3 March 2006  |  
DeepJournal interviewt expert stemmachines P. Knoppers
The audio interview with voting machine expert Peter Knoppers was conducted in Dutch. No translation is available.
7 April 2005  |  
Voting results possibly manipulated
Scientific analysis shows a statistically unexplainable large gap between the results of the American presidential elections and the exit polls. 'Scientific Analysis Suggests Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered', concludes US Counts Votes in reference to the report. 'Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Election Poll Discrepancies'. The report was written by the National Election Data Archive Project, consisting of a large number of competent professors.
18 November 2004  |  
Does Bush belong in the White House?
Elections US 2004: One big mess
The American presidential elections are over, though not entirely. The Green Party wanted a recount in the crucial swing state of Ohio and got it. That is to say it cost them over $110,000, but the recount is going to take place. Presidential candidate Ralph Nader forced a recount for the state of New Hampshire and activist Bev Harris started fraud investigations in the swing states of Florida and New Mexico. The reasons for this are the polls that predicted Kerry would win, and the scores of irregularities during the elections in the U.S.
26 October 2004  |  
Voting machines in the U.S. proven to have been extremely susceptible to fraud for years
In order to encourage the United States to join the speed of progress, George W. Bush initiated the biggest change in the American voting system since 1965, when non-whiteswere also allowed to vote: everywhere in the U.S. electronic voting machines are being installed as soon as possible to the tune of almost 4 billion dollars.  Five out of six Americans will vote electronically in November. Also in the Netherlands there is enthusiasm for this way of voting. But the American experts warn: with these machines it is easyto defraud and even only a week before the elections things are not working as they should.
10 March 2004  |  
Systematic fraud in US elections - Part 5
Dutch prime minister Balkenende is licking the boots of Bush and will soon be visiting him again, but not everyone is such a good friend of the current American government. The Times of India writes that Tony Blair's wife believes that George W. Bush stole the elections: '"Cherie Blair still believed that Bush had stolen the White House from Gore," author Philip Stephens wrote in his book Tony Blair: The Making of a World Leader. '[...] She believed Al Gore had been "robbed" of the presidency and was hostile to the idea of her husband "cosying" up to the new President.' DeepJournal has written extensively about this theft. (see the rest of our series VoteScam). Also Gore Vidal, who is by now a regular guest of DeepJournal, is quick to respond.
6 February 2004  |  
Researchers: Internet voting still too prone to fraud
In this article series we have focused primarily on tampering with electronic voting systems. But it's always possible for things to become even more vulnerable to fraud: introducing voting via the Internet.
25 January 2004  |  
US voting process was and is very susceptible to fraud
On the interest of the CIA in elections and the possible theft of an election by Bush Sr.
10 November 2002  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 8

2 November 2002  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 6

2 November 2002  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 7

13 November 2001  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 5

23 October 2001  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 4

30 December 2000  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 2

30 December 2000  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 3

30 October 2000  |  
Stemfraude Verkiezingen VS 2000 - deel 1


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12 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 4
When you peek below the surface, it becomes clear that Syria is under attack due to the interests of the parties involved. ‘Syria’ is about power, money, influence and energy.
10 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - 3
8 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 2
In the event of major military conflicts that risk considerable humanitarian and economic consequences, it is useful to examine the interests of all parties involved as well as the role that the media plays in reporting the events.
7 September 2013  |  
Why is Syria under attack? - Part 1
On the surface it’s straightforward: the U.S. wants to liberate Syria from a brutal dictator who is attacking his own people with poison gas. But beneath the surface there is something very different going on.
28 August 2012
Daan de Wit (DeepJournal) interviewt Webster Tarpley op het Magneetfestival
Het Magneetfestival gaat de diepte in met vier interviews. Daan de Wit interviewt Webster Tarpley, Albert Spits, en Mike Donkers.
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